Sunday, March 22, 2009've changed!

Aussie/NZ band Evermore have just released their much anticipated new album 'Truth of the World: Welcome to the Show'. This new album comes along with a really great, new music style and a very different look. Their debut single 'Hey Boys and Girls' is a fantastic song which is hopefully an indication of how their album will be.

However, if we flash back to circa 2003, we can see a very obvious transformation in their music but much more their appearance.....

How they used to look:
What they look like now:
Hard to believe it's the same band!
However, their new look is interesting. I like it :)
The main singer, Jon Hume, looks like Gerad Way from My Chemical Romance haha.

But I reckon they look more 'commerical' now. Before they seemed more like the nerdy, indie type of band but with this new look they definitely have a shot at the international music stage.

Welcome back Evermore!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

this is hilarious hahaha

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Late Of The Pier

Sweet sweet band. They are the best electro/indie/crazy/funk/pop band I have heard in a long long time. Check out 'Bathroom Gurgle', 'Broken' and 'Focker'

Be warned, this music isn't for everyone. It is very random and quite static/crazy. If you like indie/electro music and music like 'The Foals' then check this band out.

Some reviews:
'This is a band that don't sound like anything else around at the moment, who aren't afraid to experiment with hip-busting funk, rock and power pop all jumping into bed together.'

'Truth be told, it's still a bit of a mess, but it's a glorious and galvanizing one: a convoluted construction crammed with so many immediately gratifying moments that it takes multiple listens to extricate them all--in other words, enough instant pleasures to easily outweigh its occasional grating, overreaching, and faltering.'

btw..does anyone know how to put a mp3 on your blog?

This is awkward

Hugh Jackman getting his crotch grabbed by some random on a Japanese TV show. hahahaha

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Films I have seen this week:

Films I have seen this week:
-'In Bruges'
It's funny, in this movie there are three actors from the Harry Potter films. We have Voldermort, Mad Eye Moody and Fleur all playing slightly different characters to what they play in HP. Ralph Fiennes once again plays the bad guy, Clemence plays the sexy love interest, Colin Farrell is the angry, bitter character while Brendan Gleeson plays the loveable and honest hitman.

I don't know if I liked this film. It was enjoyable to watch but at times it was a bit boring and other parts where quite predictable. The whole inclusion of the dwarf was a bit random and only became significant to the story at the end. On that note, the ending was quite depressing and didn't really give any answers but rather, left the viewer confused.

However the movie did have its funny parts and it was enjoyable to watch the relationship between Farrell and Gleeson blossom. Fiennes is excellent at playing the bad guy; I think it's the combination of his angular face and his menacing voice which makes him the perfect actor to play evil characters. The setting in Bruges is really lovely and the actual storyline is written very well.

I would give this movie 3.5 out of 5.

-'The Reader'
Two Ralph Fiennes movies in the space of two days; it's a bit too much haha. So 'The Reader'... where Winslet won the Academy for best actress for her performance. Was it worth it? Was her performance something out of this world? Hmmm I would have to say that Winslet deserved it but her performance wasn't that amazing. When I say she deserved it, I think it's more for the fact that she is such a fine actress, is amazing in every role she plays and that it's about time she won an award. I would say her performance in 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' is more award winning then her performance in 'The Reader'.
Back to the was a good film. Had its highs and lows over the course of the film. This is a good summary of what the film is about by 'Rolling Stone Magazine':
'What if the person you love turns out to be a monster? That question arises when 15-year-old virgin Michael Berg (David Kross) starts a summer affair in postwar Berlin with tram conductor Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet). After sex, Michael reads to her from the works of literary giants, and then this older woman who calls him Kid disappears'

It was a really interesting story; it kept me interested for majority of the film but towards the end, Micahael's character really annoyed me and made me tune out. The ending was depressing and dragged on for ages.

I've been reading on several forums that they find it unjust that there is male frontal nudity but not female frontal nudity in this film. I'm a bit ambiguous to this debate; it should be more acceptable to have frontal nudity from both genders but at the same time I think it's more easier and less controversial if a man is shown naked rather then a women. Personally, I would rather no frontal nudity in this film but yeah, that's just my opinion.

I would give this movie 3.5/5.

-'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' Great soundtrack but the film is your typical teenage predictable storyline. I read the book a while ago and I thought the book was funny but the film didn't really make the funny parts funny.

To tell you the truth, I think the film portrayed Georgia and her friends as kindov desperate teenage skanks whilst the book described them as normal teenage girls. Not all 14 year old girls are that lame and desperate. I know a lot of them are like that, but the film makes a generalisation that all 14 year old girls have boyfriends, only care about snogging, go to nightclubs for birthdays and wear thongs.

I am starting to believe that book to film adaptations are never good. Stick to the books.

-'Eagle Eye'
The reviews are true. This is a lame movie. So unrealistic. So pointless and stupid. A reviewer describes it perfectly: 'Like many contemporary films, Eagle Eye is over-edited to the point that some good stunt work just looks a muddle – I suppose the fear is that teenagers will get bored if an image lasts longer than a nano-second'

There is too much in this film. The idea behind the whole film was interesting but the way they filmed and edited it, made it seem so unrealistic and fake. Would love to point out some of the faults but that would mean spoilers.

'The International' Boring boring boring. Didn't understand the story, found it to be lame and just so predictable in parts. It was very unrealistic and I found Naomi Watt's acting pathetic. She is unable to portray true emotion in her face and actions. Everything seems contrived and fake.

I found myself laughing at many of the parts due to the ridiculous stunt and effects. At one part, I began to count the mistakes and goofs I could see.

Really really average movie that was not at all an 'action' or a 'thriller' as it was advertised to be.I would like to give it 1/5 but I'm giving it 1.5/5 due to the laughs it provided.

-'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'
The first time I saw this movie, I thought it was just another comedy but after watching it again, I realised what a great film this is. It has the perfect combination of romance and comedy and the cast is perfect. Russell Brand is once again bloody hilarious; anything he says or does makes me laugh. Jonah Hill is adorable and I love the character he plays in this film. This is a great movie where there are many instances where one can relate to. Very funny :) 4/5
So overall a pretty bad movie viewing week apart from 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'. Next week I hope to see 'Watchmen'. It looks so amazingly good. I hope it lives up to all the hype.

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Vanity Fair spoof

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This happens to me wayyyy to much.
I had this major laughing attack during a church service last year. The Priest had said something which sounded like a swear word (can't remember what) but I could not stop laughing. My parents were so embarrassed and they thought that 'telling me off' would help me stop laughing, but on the contrary, it made me laugh even more. It got to the stage where the priest's helper had to escort me out of the church lol.

Good times ;)