Tuesday, April 21, 2009

this seems like a good read....

The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America "Author Julian Montague has created an elaborate classification system of abandoned shopping carts, accompanied by photographic documentation of actual stray cart sightings. These sightings include bucolically littered locations such as the Niagara River Gorge (where many a cart has been pushed to its untimely death) and mundane settings that look suspiciously like a suburb near you."


Farzan said...

LOL, that sounds really funny and probably a book just about any Safeway worker should read.

vicki said...

haha yeahhh safeway workers...it should be in the job interview...'must read this book' lol

Just a girl said...

Bahahaha that's hilarious! I've been spotting shopping trolleys all over campus, have you seen them?


vicki said...

omg so im not the only one who has actually spooted them! lol
i saw like two today and i was like 'hmmm weird' but yeah
might have been for an event or something? xo

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