Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is definitely one of my all time favourite actors. I love most of his work; my personal favourties being Groundhog Day, What About Bob?, Lost In Translation and The Man Who Knew Too Little.

Recently he has been missing in action but he is currently filming scenes for his new film 'Get Low'.

Although the name sounds like some rap/gangsta movie, 'Get Low' is actually a drama/thriller based on a true story. Directed by Aaron Schneider, the story follows Bill Murray's character, owner of a unsuccesful funeral parlor. Robert Duvall plays Tennessee eccentric Felix "Bush" Breazealz who comes to Bill Murray to plan his own funeral, whilst he is still alive.

Not much else has been exposed about the plot/storyline but it's been classified as a thriller so there must be some twist involved.

Anyways, it's good to see Murray getting back into movies =D


NELLIE said...

dig bill murray

you should watch coffee and cigarettes

its heaps of short films, i am sure you could youtube bill murray coffee and cigarettes

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