Sunday, December 13, 2009

where the wild things are

I cannot recall reading the book when I was younger but from glancing quickly through the picture book, the book seemed to lack a detailed storyline; the main focus of the book were on the accompanying drawings. With the film, there may be a beginning (Max running away), a middle (his time away from home) and an ending (journey home) but whilst watching the film, these sections all blend into one dreamlike film that seems to lack a clearly defined story. In any other film, the lack of a storyline would lead to a catastrophic film but due to the way this film has been delicately crafted, the film does not need to rely on a sturdy script for the film to bloom.

The film takes the viewer on a trancelike journey into the wild imagination of the protagonist Max (Max Records). One watches hazily as we are introduced to the mysterious creatures of the islands whose one-liners create ripples of laughter throughout the cinema. Other points in the film cause a mellow and heartfelt mood to be experienced. Do not be surprised if you begin to feel a tad disheartened.

This is not a kid’s film; kids would be quite confused with the story of the film and would find it disturbing. I believe that some mothers would have a hard time watching this film due to the honest portrayal of the mother’s parenting hardships; a single mother raising two kids, dealing with raging tempers and a runaway child. On that note, the performance by Max Records was terrific. He is such a young talented actor who provided a very genuine and honest performance.

'It’s a strange thing that this story has had such a hold over generations of children; it’s quite a dark tale. And that darkness is in the film' Margaret (At the Movies).

One of the main standouts of the film was definitely the aesthetics of the film. The setting (along the coast of Victoria) is picturesque and the colours of the film are just divine. There were so many scenes in which I wanted to take a photo to set as my wallpaper. The cinematography creates a very mystical and dreamlike setting; the handheld camera furthermore creates a more intimate feeling. The dreamlike and imaginative feel of this film is what makes it so easy to like the film. It is so easy to watch and let your mind float away. However, once the film finishes it is difficult to verbalise why you actually liked the film. You end up saying something along the lines of 'wow that was different’.

The soundtrack is fantastic. To put it simply, it makes the film. Without the songs and beats that accompany the little dialogue, the film would be rather dull. I downloaded the soundtrack shortly after watching the film and I have been listening to it on repeat. Take a listen to ‘Hidaway’ by Karen O and the Kids. Such a chilled and magical soundtrack; definitely takes you away from reality.


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