Tuesday, February 10, 2009

'Anansi Boys' by Neil Gaiman

I just finished reading this book about 10minutes ago and I am currently considering re-reading it again tonight. This book was fantastic! Gaiman is such a brilliant writer; he has the ability to mix humor, drama, romance, history and fantasy into a magical story which transports the readers into a different world.

To sum up this novel, it basically follows the life of Fat Charlie after the death of his father Anansi who was a mythological spider God. Fat Charlie is oblivious to this fact and when he is told that he is in fact a decedent of a God, believes it is rubbish and thinks he has gone mad. Fat Charlie ends up meeting his twin brother Spider, for the first time, who unlike Fat Charlie, has magical powers. What follows the brothers reunion, are many adventures, misfortunes and many funny moments. I would write more about it, but I'm afriad I will spoil the novel.

This book has definitely become one of my favourite books I have ever read. Definitely read this book if you are into fantasy and humour. It's just fantastic.

This review sums up this novel perfectly:
'Will astonish you on ever page, and at the same time have you believe every word. You'll stay up late to finish and then be sorry when it's done' Tim Powers.

I also loved the way the book was set out. Witty chapter titles; cute drawings scattered throughout the book and the 'extra' bit at the end. In this 'extras' section, there is a deleted chapter, an indepth interview with Gaiman, images from Gaiman's noteboook where he orignally wrote this story and reading discussion questions.

10/10 =)


Farzan said...

Woah, whats weird is that I just saw Coraline like 2 days ago and that was a movie based o the book written by Gaiman. Good post, sounds very interesting

vicki said...

hahah yeahhh i saw the trailer for Coraline just before..it seems good!
i dont know when its released down here.
was it a good film?

Farzan said...

It was a great movie and one I really liked. I thougt it was a great non Pixar animated film. Its not everyones cup of tea, but its still worth watching especially in 3D.

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