Monday, February 2, 2009

i'm kind of in love with....

Emile Hirsch

From his amazing and astonishing performance in 'Into The Wild' to his carefree, rebellious attitude in 'Lords Of Dogtown', there is nothing that Emile Hirsch can't do.

His latest performance in 'Milk' is just as worthy of being among his best performances. He has the ability to transform easily and effortlessly into any character he portrays.

He isn't afraid of pushing the boundaries, and will go to extremes in order to achieve perfection in his acting. The perfect example is how Hirsch lost about 20kg to play McCandless in 'Into The Wild'. The scene that shows his extreme thiness is only about 10minutes of screentime, yet in order to maintain the autehniticty of the story, Hirsch makes sure that each detail is not overlooked.

I can't wait to see what Hirsch's acting future holds.

I am now going go watch either 'Alpha Dog' or 'The Girl Next Door' :)


Stephanie said...

um, ever since Lords of dogtown and esp. ever since Into the WIld- i'm definitely kinda crushing ;)

thanks for checking out leChic!!


Farzan said...

I think hes a good actor and has been getting better movie roles lately. Whats weird is that it was showing The Girl Next Door the other day and I totally forgot that I enjoyed that film to some extent.

vicki said...

yeahhh The Girl Next Door is a sweet as movie. It's funny and entertaining :)

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