Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Oscars....

...were fantastic! Loved every minute of it :D

I thought the Jackman did a fantastic job. I don't really understand why many people thought he performed poorly. I think people missed the fact that he was being funny by the way he acted and performed and not through one-liner jokes. I felt that Jackman's hosting made the Oscars seem a bit more personal and more intimate. I really loved the part when Anne Hatheway and Hugh Jackman both began to sing. Anne has such a lovely voice! I forgot that she sings so well...memories from 'Ella Enchanted' have been resurfaced haha.
Moments I liked:
-'Slumdog' winning all the awards that it did :D
-Heath's win. Very well deserved
-Ben Stillers inpersonation of Jacquin Phoenix

-Sean Penn's win :)
-The whole 'Slumdog' cast coming onto the stage to accept one of the awards. Adorable.
-Kate Winslet's speech. Loved the part when she asked her dad to whistle. So cute.
-James Franco and Seth Rogan's skit

Moments I didn't like:
-The performance of 'Down to Earth'. Was really out of time, sounded bad and did no justice to the song.
-Aniston and Jack Black's lame jokes when they were presenting an award.

-Miley Cyrus' dress

-Sophia Loren face

-On the Australian telecast of the awards, they showed about 4min worth of Red Carpet footage hosted by the ever annoying Richard Wilkins ( i think that's his name). Not sure why they didn't show more, but I thought it was lame.


The Mad Hatter said...

Hey thanks for the comment - your blog looks pretty cool too! My favorite moment had to be the guy winning for Best Animated Short and working "Domo Arigato Mister Roboto" into his speech.

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