Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Annie Liebowitz

'Super-snapper Annie Liebowitz has published a fantastic portfolio of 2009 Oscar-nommed double-acts - mostly star/director team-ups' Total Film

Darren Aronofsky/Mickey Rourke

Nicole Kidman/Baz Luhrmann

Meryl Streep/John Patrick Shanley

Danny Boyle/Dev Patel

Penelope Cruz/Woody Allen

Christopher Nolan/Heath Ledger
Gus Van Sant/Sean Penn

Sam Mendes/Kate Winslet


Louisville Exclusive Films said...

I finally saw 'Slumdog Millionaire' and I must say it is a very very very good film and I see why it's the front runner for everything awards. I still say 'The Dark Knight' is my favorite overall, but since it's not up for Best Picture then I think 'Slumdog' deserves it greatly.

Also I like your blog, especially posting those spoof posters (those are hilarious!).

And these Anne Liebowitz photos are fantastic. You have a good take in interesting stuff with film/music/books/ and pop culture.

vicki said...

thanks so much for your comment :) :) :) your too kind haha.

oh i also agree;'Slumdog' will most probably get best picture.

Farzan said...

nice pose

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