Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chuck (TV show)

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Although this show is yet to have shown in Australia, I have been watching season 1 online and have fallen in love with this show.

Created by Josh Schwartz (the genius behind the OC and Gossip Girl), this show is destined to be great. It is an action-comedy show, which follows the life of Chuck who is your "average computer-whiz-next-door-type of guy". The story begins when Chuck receives an email from an old friend who is a member of the CIA. The email contains all of the CIA's secret information fin the form of encrypted images. What follows, is that Chuck's brain becomes the CIA's computer.

Each episode has its fair share of action, comedy and a bit of romance. It is really funny and you can't help but fall in love with Chuck. The co-cast is just as lovable; Chuck's best mate Morgan is an absolute geek and his attempts to act 'cool' leave you laughing your head off.

Although certain aspects of the show seem a bit silly and unrealistic, these elements just make the show more charming and more enjoyable.

Definitely check this show out if your looking for a new comedy-drama-action TV series to watch. It is guaranteed enjoyment and laughter.


Anonymous said...

sounds good! i hav to borrow season 1 now!!!!! thnx vicks!!!!

deejayewriter said...

If you want to see it make a third season then you need to go out and "buy" the first season at

You also need to go to and write to the NBC people to save this great show. Then go watch the recent episodes at aol/

vicki said...

thanks :)

roland said...

This is very nice and one of my favorite tv show. i mostly watch chuck online.I have really loved Levis in Chuck and I am really happy to know that he has got a chance to prove his comic talent on the big screen. I really wish the actor all the best for his upcoming project.

vern said...

Hey roland thanks for sharing this link. this is a great show and i love to watch it. i have downloaded the whole 1st season from the link shared by you. it is a great site.

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