Monday, January 12, 2009

Remember the Titans

I watched this film last night for the first time and I regret not seeing it earlier! This film is probably one of the best ‘sporting’ movies I have ever seen. It is such a moving and powerful story, that you can’t help shed a tear in certain parts and smile when the characters put aside their racial prejudice and come together as one.

This film is based on the true story about Coach Herman Boone (played by Denzel Washington) who begins to coach the Titans Football team at a high school in Virginia. It is the year 1971, and school has allowed for the integration of whites and blacks for the first time. Boone replaces the previous head coach Coach Bill Yoast (pla
yed by Will Patton), who was a legend in the community. Boone calls for both whites and blacks to join his team while appointing Yoast as assistant coach. What follows is a difficult yet rewarding journey as the team and community learn to put aside their opinions on race and to accept each other for their ‘souls’ and not their skin tone.

Produced by Disney, it is expected that certain parts are a bit corny, but if you put that aside and admire the acting and themes, then these corny parts become essential in the success and understanding of this movie. The acting is really impressive. Denzel Washington, as always, portrays his character perfectly. Hayden Panettiere, Ryan Gosling, Kate Bosworth and Donald Faison all play minor/major roles in this film.

It is truly a powerful movie that leaves a lasting message about fairness and equality in the viewers mind.

You can watch the whole movie (in a pretty good quality) on youtube. This is part 1.


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