Friday, January 9, 2009

The Rich List

This is probably my favourite game show on TV. Although the host Andrew O'Keefe is majorly annoying and acts like a complete geek for most of the show, the actual game is heaps of fun to watch and play. Some of the topics are a bit obscene (name 40 Most Common Grape Varieties Grown in Australia for Wine) but every now and then, a topic comes up which is achievable, interesting and fun to complete.

Well I found some 'lists' which seem to fall into the appropriate genre to appear on my blog (aka they are about movies, music or books). So have a go at them and I'll post the answers later on.

Produce a list of:
  • Theatrically Released Movies Featuring The Stars Of 'Friend's'
  • Books written by Roald Dahl
  • Theatrically Released Movies with a 7 in the Title
  • Theatrically Released Feature Movies In Which Audrey Hepburn Has Appeared


Marcy said...

Okay, no cheating :)

Movies Featuring the Stars of Friends:
- Rumor Has It
- Scream 2
- Charlie's Angels
- Analyze This
- The Whole Seven Yards
- ???? (David Schwimmer movie...? Okay, I know he did a movie with Harrison Ford but I don't remember the name at all.)

Books Written By Dahl
- The Witches
- Matilda
- Boy
- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
- The Fantastic Mr. Fox
- Going Solo
- James and the Giant Peach

Movies with a 7 in the Title
- Seven
- Seven Pounds
- The Whole Seven Yards
- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (I think?)

Audrey Hepburn Movies
- Roman Holiday
- Sabrina
- My Fair Lady
- Breakfast at Tiffany's
- War and Peace
- Always
- Green Mansions
- Wait Until Dark
- Two for the Road
- Charade
- Paris, When It Sizzles
- Love in the Afternoon

vicki said...

wow impressive work! :D :D

i found it really hard to make a list about the friends characters. Like you know they have played in movies, but its hard to put a name on them (mainly cause the movies are pretty bad lol)

i'll link you the answers

Marcy said...'s The Whole NINE Yards. I saw that movie and it so bad that I barely remember the title.

The "Friends" stars are pretty watchable on "Friends" but they have picked less than impressive films to participate in, unfortunately.

Thanks for posting the answers!

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