Saturday, January 31, 2009

Skins Season 3

I finally watched the new episodes from the new series of Skins. With a whole new cast with the exception of Tony's sister Effy and her weird friend Pandora, the show has taken a different path from the original series.

I found when I was watching this, that it was harder to connect with the new characters and they seemed to be wanting to resemble/mimic the characters from season 1 and 2. For example, in this series there is a character called Cook who is almost identical to Chris from season 1 and 2. They both are slightly crazy, messed up and have an outrageous sense of humour. Effy in this series, is even more messed up then she was in the previous seasons. Her list of things to do on the first day is scandalous and her provocative manner sets her up to be the major slut in the school.
One thing I do miss from the other seasons, is how the characters used to be all connected in some way. In season 3, the characters are all in separate groups and do not really associate with one another like the way they used to in previous seasons. The perfect example is how Tony, who was going out with Michelle, is best mates with Sid who ends up liking Cassie who is Michelle's friend. The closeness that all the characters had meant that it was easier to like each character and you could connect with the stories. The latest episode (ep 2) showed a bit of interconnectedness between the characters but it was surrounded by an awkward and hostile feeling. Hopefully, in the new episodes to come, new friendships form that strengthen the cast and storyline.

However, this new series has stuck to its original level of wit, humor, intriguing characters and entertainment as seen in previous seasons. It feels good that Skins is back on; it provides you an insight into a lifestyle and life which some dream of, others fear or others are living.

On a final note, the character which I'm finding I miss most is Sid. He was such a lovable, geeky, funny character who had a storyline which was realistic and understandable. I would love it if they had cameos of the previous protagonists in this series. Sid and Tony (L)


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