Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lily Allens new album called 'Its not me, its you'
why would you call an album that?
The album is about music not some relationship help book. The title of this album has already put me off from even downloading her new songs.

I unfortunately read a book with that exact same title, and the book was a complete and utter pile of rubbish. I beg you to never ever read that book.

Hopefully this album is good and that my quick nature to judge it is due to the association that I have with the title and that horrid book I read.

Cool album cover though.


Anonymous said...

your use of english is poor and what ever happened to 'not judging a book by its cover'?
Lily Allen's music is always witty and has a slightly teasing manner, surely you can tell that this title is just setting up for some of her songs.

vicki said...

Fair enough. Point taken.

and apologies if my English is not up to your standard. If it annoys you that much, don't read my blog.

Anonymous said...

The use of english was only poor in this article, the rest set the standard I expected this one to follow.

vicki said...

Rightio. I get you now :)

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