Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What i'm listening to atm.

Guilt By Association by Louis XIV

Finding Out True Love Is Blind by Louis XIV

Passion Play by William Fitzsimmons
Stumbled upon this artist and have fallen just a little bit in love. Such a melodic, relaxing and peaceful voice. He sounds like a mix of Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine and Death Cab For Cutie.

Dearth by the Foals
Not the best song by the Foals, but still a great song to listen to. I can't wait for their new album. I have listened to their old album, Antidotes, way too many times.

Shout Me Out by TV on the Radio

Another Girl Another Planet by Blink-182
Recently brought Blink-182 Greatest Hits album. I definitely recommend it a must for all Blink fans. From track number 1 'Carousel' to their last song 'Aliens exist', you follow the bands journey as they grow from an amateur college rock group, thrashing around in their garage, to a professional and amazing one of a kind rock band.
Minding My Own Business by Coconut Records
This band is really really good. Similar style to Rooney and Phantom Planet. Sounds like something you would hear on 'The OC'. Quite catchy :)

by Glasvegas

On Board by Friendly Fires
This song is really sweet. Its a mix of electro, indie and even a bit of soul. Its a great summer dance song.


Andy said...

on board is ok... but 'jump in the pool' and 'paris' are way better on their album. check it out!

vicki said...

i shall download them
thanks :)

Jes said...

I just started listening to the Foals. My friend just saw them live in LA. She recommended them to me. so far ive only gotten through the first 5 tracks. I love Cassius and The French Open.

vicki said...

hey jes.
yeahh cassius is one of their best songs! also check out 'hummer' and 'Olympic airways'. They are probably my favourite songs. I can listen to those songs over and over again :)

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