Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globe Outfits

Ok, I just wanted to post some hits and misses re: outfits worn at the Golden Globes. I think one of the main and only reasons people watch these award shows, is to laugh at the ridiculous outfits worn by some and to envy the others who wear outfits we can never ever afford.

How cute do they look?! Everytime I see Dev Patel, I always imagine him when he was playing Anwar in 'Skins'; he had such an awkward and confused character. He has come very far :)

Eva Mendes, stunning.

Olivia Wilde

Evan Rachel Wood

Renee Zelwegger. The see through thing isn't working. No one wants to see skin coloured bras :S

One word, fugly.

'Ugly Betty'

Beyone looks like she is in pain and the split on the side is not flattering.

Blake is gorgeous, but this dress looks way too tight!


Avatar said...

Yeah, Eva was stunning. I haven't watch the award yet. Hmm, will be catching the repeat show over here. :)

Marcy said...

I actually didn't dig Eva Mendes' dress. Love the necklace, love the shape of the dress but that huge napkin bow is extremely distracting.

And America Ferrera would've looked fine if she wore a bra...or is it just my computer?

My personal favorite? Meryl Streep's wonderfully elegant black number. Loved it.

vicki said...

hhaha na america ferrera needed a bra..and a stylist :P

i havent seen meryl streep's outfit. shall google it now :)

Anonymous said...

I love her style and that dress too!

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